Shot Cop insists on compensation; Recounts ordeal in tears


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

[] – Life has become a strain and a big challenge for 23-year-old Police Corporal, Samuel Elvis after he was accidentally shot by another rank while on duty at Police Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown  just over two months ago.

Elvis (2)iNews spoke with Elvis on Tuesday (June 10) from his hospital bed at the Woodlands Hospital where he is currently  seeking medical attention. He has lost the lower limb of his right foot.

The father of a two – year – old daughter expressed dissatisfaction with the pace at which the investigation into the shooting incident is being conducted by the Force.

He said what is most painful is the fact that he cannot provide for his family; recalling his role as the sole breadwinner. The young man continues to receive his monthly salary and the Force is paying his medical expenses.

The Pouderoyen, West bank Demerara resident claimed the Officer who shot him is working and carrying on with his life “as if nothing happened.”

Police Corporal, Samuel Elvis lost the lower limb of his right leg after he was accidentally shot by another rank.
Police Corporal, Samuel Elvis lost the lower limb of his right leg after he was accidentally shot by another rank.

Elvis said he was offered $200,000 by the Officer just one week ago, however, he is in talks with his lawyer and does not believe that amount is substantial for all that he has gone through and will have to endure as he works to adapt to living with one leg.

Elvis says he forgives the man responsible for his state; however, he has insisted on being compensated so that he can provide for his family. He also said he believes in forgiveness but sees the need for things to be done the right way by the Force to help make his already hard life easier.

Recalling the incident, Elvis said the patrol returned from an operation and was on standby. He recalled seeing the Corporal cranking his weapon but paid little attention since according to him, the Officer is trained and experienced.


He blamed the doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital for not administering the right treatment during the early stages of his injuries.

Elvis is now restricted from doing many things on his own and needs the help of his family; this has prevented the mother of his child from working since she has to take care of him and their daughter.

When contacted, Commissioner of Police (ag) SeelallPersaud told iNews that the file will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) this week for advice.

Seelall could not say whether Elvis will be compensated, however, he said this option is not being ruled out and the Force is concerned about the Officer’s wellbeing and is making every effort to get Elvis a prosthetic leg so he can continue to serve the Guyana Police Force.



  1. This unfortunate mishap happen on Police Grounds.
    This is where Salary and Benefits steps in by the Police Force.

  2. No he in supposed to go back to work , or he should go back and do part time OFFICE work with rehabilitation as he works. He should get all he needs and full salary & benefits & when the time comes, his full pension with medical for LIFE.
    He should really get full dissability benefits & a chance to further his studies.


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