Security Guard shot above eye during fracas at Industry


gun[] – Sixty – eight – year old Michael Woolford is now hospitalized, nursing a gunshot wound above his left eye, following a commotion at Industry Crown Dam, East Coast Demerara on Wednesday evening.

According to a police report, investigations are being conducted into an incident that occurred at about 21:00 hrs on September 09, 2015, in which Woolford, of Melanie Damishana, ECD, a security guard attached to the Cummings Lodge Secondary School, was shot.

Investigations have revealed that two men, one of whom was armed with a cutlass, were involved in an altercation at Industry Crown Dam, when a man who was driving a motor vehicle exited and discharged several rounds in their direction and escaped.

A round is believed to have struck Woolford, who was on duty at the school, and he has been admitted to the GPHC. The two men involved in the altercation Vincent Williams, 35 years, and Doodnauth, 53 years, both of Industry Crown Dam, ECD were also treated at the GPHC.



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