Guyanese man attempts to smuggle cocaine in rum bottle at JFK

The rum bottle in which the man smuggled the cocaine.
The rum bottle in which the man smuggled the cocaine.

[New York Daily News] – A Guyanese national was nabbed trying to smuggle a rum and coke drug cocktail in his luggage at Kennedy Airport, authorities said.

Cleveland Charles arrived in New York on Saturday (September 05) aboard a Caribbean Airlines flight from Georgetown, Guyana, and was selected for inspection by Customs and Border Protection officers.

Sharp-eyed officers focused on a bottle of 12-year-old El Dorado rum inside Charles’ suitcase. Charles said he had purchased it at a duty-free shop at the airport in Guyana, the Brooklyn Federal Court complaint says.

A Customs officer “then opened the bottle, which contained a thick syrup like substance with a strong odor that appeared inconsistent with rum,” Department of Homeland Security special agent Scott Salamon stated in the complaint.

A field test of the liquid came up positive for cocaine, according to Salamon.




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