Search continues for missing ASL plane; six aircraft deployed in rescue mission

Captain Nicky Persaud.
Captain Nicky Persaud.
Captain Nicky Persaud.

[] – The search and rescue operation continues for the missing Air Services Limited (ASL) aircraft, which went missing since around noon yesterday, December 28.

Timehri Air Traffic Control lost communication with the  Britten Norman Islander 8R-GHE that was operating on a flight between Mahdia and Karisparu, Region 8 (Potaro/Siparuni).

Captain Nicky Persaud, 27, and a Loader Mr. David Bisnauth, 51, were onboard the twin-engine aircraft.

The Cessna Britten Norman Islander took off from Mahdia at 15:42 UTC (11:42 local time) on a routine local cargo flight and the last known position was Spot Tracker hit at 15:44 UTC (11:44 local time). The aircraft was estimated to arrive Karisparu at 16:00 UTC (12:00 local time).

At 16:20, Timehri Air Traffic Control made contact with the aircraft operator to establish whether the aircraft landed before implementing a search and rescue operation.

After no information was received, the Air Traffic Control commenced the ‘alert phase’ and the Rescue Coordination Center at the Timehri Control Tower was activated.

Army officers about to depart Timehri for Madhia.
Army officers about to depart Timehri for Madhia.

In the meantime, two Air Services Ltd. (ASL) Cessna 208 Caravan flying within the area were vectored to commence search for the aircraft. A Piper Cherokee from Hinterland Aviation also joined the search efforts. An ASL Bell Helicopter also departed Ogle Airport to join the search for the aircraft.

Additionally, an ASL Caravan departed for Mahdia at 16:16 local time with a GDF Special Forces Unit to assist in the search and rescue operation.

The search continued until sunset and the two (2) helicopters and one (1) Cessna Caravan are at Mahdia and will recommence search at sunrise tomorrow (December 28, 2014).

The GDF helicopter is also on standby to join the search and rescue operation.



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