Air Services Plane missing over Mahdia area with Pilot, Cargo Loader on board

The missing aircraft.
The missing aircraft.
The missing aircraft.

[] – A search and rescue team has been dispatched to locate a Britten Norman Islander plane today, Sunday December 28 after communication was lost.

The plane is attached to Air Services Limited. Aboard the plane are the Captain Nicolas Persaud and a so far unidentified cargo-loader. iNews understands that the plane was flying from Mahdia to Karisparu when communication with the pilot went dead.

Reports indicate that four planes and one helicopter have been deployed to search the area.



  1. CAL not only change baggage policy an having Gouveia jumping onboard based on greed, read through the lines CAL taking the big 767-200 aircraft off from the Guyana/JFK route that was slowly building up the cargo uplift… Once again we screwed …..


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