Sales Clerk accused of stealing from Employer granted bail


sales clerk[] – A 23-year-old woman of Lot 6 Vryheid’s Lust, Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara, who allegedly stole over $300,000 from her employer, was on Tuesday March 24 released on $75,000 bail.

Before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, Parvati Abhimana denied that between March 5 and 9 at Regent Street, Georgetown she stole the sum of $361,000 from Hardat Persaud.

Abhimana was at the time employed by Persaud as a Sales Clerk at Full Work’s Store.

According to the allegation, on March 05 the accused secured the cash in a drawer in the store room located in the store; however on March 09, Persaud made checks for the cash but discovered it was missing.

The matter was reported and Abhimana was arrested. Under caution, Abhimana allegedly admitted that she stole the money since her mother was in need of financial assistance for a surgery.

The defendant’s Attorney asked that her client be released on reasonable bail because she is not a flight risk. Bail was granted and Abhimana will make her next court appearance on April 13, before Magistrate Annette Singh.



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