Runaway teen spotted in Albouystown



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Missing: Safiyyah Sookram
Missing: Safiyyah Sookram

[] – Missing 14 – year – old Safiyyah Sookram has been spotted in Albouystown, Georgetown by persons who has since contacted her father, Shazad Sookram yesterday.

However, upon checking this morning, the man came up empty handed. Speaking to iNews, Sookram explained that he visited a home in Albouystown with the police; however, he was told that his daughter left but was expected to return later in the day.

Sookram says he plans to revisit the residence and will spare no effort to find his child.

Today marks five days since the teen has gone missing, after leaving her Schoonard, West Bank Demerara home on Monday (December, 01) unknowing to her family.

This is not the first time the teen has ran away from home but would usually return or be found in a day.

The father became emotional as he pleaded for the safe return of his daughter.

“We miss her, we love her, we’re not angry or upset with her and we just want her to come home and be safe.”

He is now begging the public to help him find his daughter. Persons who may have information on Safiyyah’s whereabouts can call her family on telephone numbers 645-6338/617-7709 or the nearest police station.



  1. Children just don’t run away from home without compelling reason(s); and media/reporters MUST explore some areas of logic when reporting. No physical description is offered, no mention of Ministry of social services nor education involvement is mentioned. No possible driving factor, eg, mental/psychological profile is explored. If the child is seeking protection from alleged incest, abuse, neglect, or other skeleton characteristics, the protecting family will be reluctant to reveal her whereabouts. Let;s have an update.

  2. Has any of the readers noticed ,,zero ,,nothing ,,from the Gray Mouse and his Rat friend Jai,,this is nothing ,,kids leaving homes ,,they busy praising pee per pee ,,,


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