A sympathetic Granger rejects PSC’s proposal to end parliamentary impasse

Opposition Leader David Granger during his recent protest for Local Government Elections.


By Kurt Campbell

President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger
President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Opposition Leader David Granger has rejected a proposal by the Private Sector Commission (PSC), to resolve the current parliamentary impasse; saying the options has been exhausted and has failed.

He described the proposal by the PSC as an “interesting initiative” but believes it should have been sent to President Donald Ramotar instead of the Parliamentary Opposition Parties.

“The main points raised by the Private Sector Commission were exhaustively dealt with in meetings with the President,” Granger said as he recalled meeting with the Head of State in February, June and October.

“Actually, the President has been successful in preventing serious discussion and resolution of these issues,” Granger said; adding that “Nobody can tell me now that I must go and talk to the President about local government elections when I have been picketing for eight weeks.”

The Opposition Leader said he was sympathetic to the PSC’s concerns but maintained that the proposal has failed in the past and should be sent to the President; directing him to come to the Opposition and resolve the matters among which is the current prorogation of Guyana’s Parliament.

He said the PSC should tell the President to end the Prorogation instead of asking the Opposition to hold off on its No – Confidence Motion which it had brought against the Donald Ramotar Administration and later contributed to the current situation of governance with a nonfunctional Parliament [legislative arm].

Granger reminded of its support for the Alliance for Change (AFC) sponsored motion and says that support cannot be withdrawn.

The President is expected to make an announcement on the current situation tomorrow but Granger is not giving any assurances that there will be room for dialogue once the prorogation is revoked and Parliament is recalled.

“When we return to Parliament we can decide what will be discussed… it is the President who prorogued and he must revoke. The ball is in the President’s Court,” Granger added.

Among the PSC’s recommendations is for the President to consider bringing an end to the prorogation as soon as is practical but no later than December 31.

It also recommends that the political parties agree to a moratorium of one month after the end of prorogation to facilitate such dialogue before any consideration is given to the dissolution of Parliament or the passing of the no confidence motion.

Among other requests is for representatives of Civil Society to be included as observers to any dialogue process agreed upon so that they could be kept meaningfully informed as to the agreements and commitments by all parties.



  1. If PPP didn’t do a shit then how come the yearly public service salary bill increase by ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX PERCENT (1466%). It seems like you forget that only thing or you don’t know.

  2. What the PSC ask for was resumption of Parliament, pass all bill the no confidence motion when all bills including formation of PPC. That is what Granger dismissed in addition to the dialogue.

  3. the most stupid comment coming from someone who is called leader of the opposition ? protest is priority instead of meaningful solutions ? just lust for power as he did in the army with burnham! he seriously needs some leadership classes or is menopause he is experiencing ?

  4. Pnc,,,,Apnu. ,,Wpa,, Gtuc. ,Bar association, red thread blue cap,stakroek news, the water fall news transparency international are one and the same PNC

    They get in Government this country done, done done for good

  5. Granger has not changed his mind. he has been saying all along that he will not dialogue with the PPP/C government until Parliament is reconvened, and he has stuck to his guns. he has also said that his support for the no confidence vote is unwavering. Rightly so the PSC needs to take their proposal to the President and have him sent it to Mr. Granger then it can be discussed with the AFC before an answer is given however it must happen in parliament. Mr. Ramotar who just have to hope for the best.

  6. ‘Seven years nah too much fuh wash speck off ah bird neck” (Some people will never change their ways and attitude). The PNC, despite the many name changes (PNC Reform, PNC RIG = PNC Reform one Guyana, APNU,etc. etc ) is nothing but the plain old PNC.

    Polar bears shit on snow. This is no news.

  7. I believe Granger is gambling with his insignificant reputation, as well as with the nation’s well being.
    However, based on advised I believe Granger he’s being instructed to play dead be cause he knows the ppp likes to attend funeral.
    Like I said before president should not have invited the opposition for talks,

    President should have made Granger and the two ex ppp. Political who res irreverent,
    They depend on the president to keep them in the news,,

    Don’t call elections so early, wait until a next two or three months more.

    There’s in house fighting, give them chance to to selfdestruct,then call them to settle down,

    I believe Moses or Ramjattan need that 30,000,000


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