Racing vehicle with alleged drunk driver slams into cars

The Toyota Avensis which Sugrim was driving.
The speeding Toyota Tacoma
The speeding Toyota Tacoma

[] – Four persons are injured following a horrific accident on the West Bank of Demerara last evening (September 16), after two vehicles were slammed off the road, with one of them ending up in a trench.

iNews understands that two Toyota Tacoma trucks were racing towards Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara from the direction of Wales, West Bank Demerara when one of them hit a car, lost control and slammed into another vehicle head on.

The Toyota Avensis
The Toyota Avensis

Persons in the area rushed to the scene and tried to assist the driver of the blue Toyota Avensis, who was pinned in the vehicle in the trench. He was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital. A child who was in the first car that was hit, was also treated for minor injuries.

Eyewitnesses told iNews that the driver of the Toyota Tacoma was driving under the influence of alcohol as they “smelled” it on him.




  1. Dk I support you on this, you are so right, many of these accidents will be avoided only IF and When the POLICE do a job that we expect them to do, how much vehicles and money the PPP spent on the police,what happen to all those vehicles? Its a crying shame.

  2. what happen Mr. Minister of Security , where is your professional police force and what are they doing , allowing such LAWLESSNESS to take place

  3. Drunk and driving should carry a minimum sentence of 20 years jail.
    Drunk and driving and you caused an accident should carry minimum sentence of 40years in jail.
    Drunk and driving and you caused an accident the minimum penalty should be death by hanging from your bloody neck so you never kill again.

    On another note where I notice several accidents – many of those whom shows up to help and assist in fact do just that while some others just shows up to grab what they can from the people involved in the accident.

    There was an accident on the Linden highway.
    Trust me you could not see not one single human being on the highway when that accident occurred.
    Just after that accident occurred I could not believe my eyes.
    It’s like my eyes were deceiving me when some of us stopped our vehicle.
    In a matter of no more than 5 minutes there were about 20 persons showed up. They were there to help alright but not to help the injured but the help themselves.
    They robbed those people they ran through their pockets and even took some parts off the vehicle.
    All we could do was trying calling calling calling for ambulance and help.


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