US$1.7M early childhood education project launched in Bartica

A section of the gathering at the launch.

By Jomo Paul

A section of the gathering at the launch.
A section of the gathering at the launch.

[] – The Government of Guyana on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 launched the Early Education Childhood Project at the St Anthony’s Primary in Bartica, Region 7.

The project, which is funded by the World Bank, seeks to enhance the delivery of education to children in nursery school levels by providing additional training to teachers, among a host of other additives.

It is anticipated that this would see an improvement in emergent literacy and numeracy outcomes for children at the nursery level and primary grade one in Hinterland Regions and targeted remote and riverine areas.

The project will target children between the ages of three and seven and would see some 440 nursery and Grade 1 teachers benefitting from improved working conditions and training. Some 8,000 children are to benefit from the implementation of the project.

iNews understands that that several thousand primary caregivers in these geographic areas would also benefit from education tailored for them. World Bank Representative, Hongyu Yang pointed out that while Guyana has achieved Universal primary and secondary education, the education system is still lagging.

According to her, it is important to mold the young minds since “by the time they meet primary damage already done.”

Vice President and Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs, Sydney Allicock in his remarks stated that it is high time quality education is delivered to hinterland regions, noting that the project would see improvements from within.

“We are here at a time of great expectations. We have a new government, a government that is dedicated to the improvement of education and delivery all across Guyana,” sated the Vice President.

“As adults our destiny lies in our own hands…our children however is another story…their future is determined by what we do to mold them…We must endeavor never to fail them,” he added.

Allicock noted too that every nursery health teacher should be a social worker adding “it is not enough for child psychology to be a small part of teacher training…this is a new time it is time for teachers who understand children and how they think.”

Junior Education Minister, Nicolette Henry
Junior Education Minister, Nicolette Henry

Junior Education Minister, Nicolette Henry who spoke at the launching, stated that the project should be deemed as a positive development and a win for Guyana.

“Early childhood development is a win for everybody, it saved taxpayers dollars and it gives children the opportunity to achieve their full potential,” said Henry.

She stated too that the project will create the right environment for children to thrive and learn while in school.

“This launch in Bartica is significant as it underscores the government’s commitment to decentralized quality education…it is important to allow our children to develop at their own pace,” said the Junior Minister.



  1. The 1 free laptop per family block news like this DK and the NEGATIVE team are not allowed to CONGRATULATE and give praise to positive ventures, CONGRATS to the ppl of GUYANA and all the great jobs being done.

  2. It’s amazing that no one- has yet- sent positive comments on this piece of good news. Guyana’s investment in early childhood is so important


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