Pregnant woman dies at GPHC


pregnant-woman-in-hospital[] – Ten days after she was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital from the New Amsterdam Hospital, a pregnant woman died on Wednesday, August 19 in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

A press statement from the GPHC noted that the woman was rushed to the City hospital in an unconscious state after being referred from the New Amsterdam hospital on August 09.

The statement further noted that the woman arrived at the Accident and Emergency Unit of the hospital in an unconscious state and with no foetal heart rate.

She was transferred to the ICU where her condition continued to deteriorate and she subsequently died. A post-mortem examination is to be performed to ascertain her cause of death.

The hospital did not reveal the woman’s identity or her age.



  1. What is wrong with you james pedro?, you are an ignorant person. The woman’s husband said she was having pains and kept it to her self. What the hell the minister has to do with this woman’s death….fool…Are you saying mothers are only dying now because of the minister, have you been living under a rock?

  2. No one knows as yet the cause of death. So sad that another woman died as a result of some pregnancy related complications. That is one compelling reason for all you men who brutalise women should take stock of what women have to go through before, during and after child birth. Women must not be seen as a sex object on which men could jump on and off as they please and if they can’t have their way, they use force and violence against them. Love thy women with all thine heart.Live as equals and not feel superior to them because of your physical strength.
    (Yes, I am a male-straight- appealing to all you guys out there in Guyana and further afield)


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