Health Minister defends selection for Region Six RHO amid qualification concerns

Social Cohesion Minister, Dr George Norton

By Jomo Paul

Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton
Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton

[] – Jevon Stephens has been “earmarked” to occupy the post of Regional Health Officer (RHO) for Region Six; however his selection is not sitting well with some persons who have described him as “unqualified for the job.”

An iNews source revealed that Stephens has been acting in a management capacity at the New Amsterdam Hospital since the Regional Health Authority was disbanded by the government.

iNews spoke to Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton who explained that the Administration need persons who are vibrant and willing to get the job done.

It was Dr Norton who revealed that Stephens is earmarked to be the “Regional Health Officer,” for Region Six. The Health Minister pointed out that if one were to follow the statutes governing such appointments, there would hardly be anyone willing to do the job of the Regional Health Officer.

He said that most of the qualified persons that take up such jobs do a lackluster performance and just go through the motions of holding the post.

“The problem in the Region Six area is that we have to put people who we know will do the work; who will go and make certain that hospital and health huts and health centres are visited right up the Orealla-Siparuta area, right down the Berbice river and around the coast,” Norton told iNews.

“If we wait for qualification we will not be able to fill any of the health posts,” said Norton who added that if the statutes were followed, the Regional Health Officer for Region 7 and the Director of Health Services may be jobless.



  1. Agree that the Guyanese people will be more accepting and motivated if the political appointees are more balanced in terms of the ethnic makeup of the country.Otherwise, the cookie will start to crumble soon..We voted for a change from a government that practiced the same type of policy we are now starting to see with the new government.

  2. I agree with the minister. It is job for the boys. Only the cock eye man is telling his people no job for the boys. Granger , jordon , bulkan , harman already give jobs to their friends. This baby party will not last a year. AFC support are complaining. I still cannot understand why all them afro permanent secretaries still on the job. They did not become ps because they are bright, competent, good looking, they become ps because the ppp want them to be ps. They are all political appointment just like them indo. But indo getting fired. Unfair.

  3. Qualification not important for certain people only.But Indians are under qualified incompetent and are fired so the less qualified can get jobs. How can the unqualified look for qualified.?Most shameless practice in our history.

  4. Remember what they did to Carol Sooba? They used all forms of disgraceful strategies to get her out of town hall citing that she was not qualified to hold the position. The very thing they fought against they are now repeating with no shame.
    Disgusting to say the least!!!!!

  5. According to him, anyone can be placed in any job, qualifications are not important. We have bunch of idiots running this country.

  6. The job has a qualification requirement and the nominee has some qualifications. Does he satisfy the requirement?
    All this long talk putting us no where.
    If it was wrong under the PPP it has to be made right not repeated.

  7. back to square on SQUARE PEGS in round, No need for qualification to full a position, just be friends with the collation or be of one ethnic group and you are all good to have a job well done.


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