Police ranks undergo extensive training as Force gives effect to recommendations for improvement


By Kurt Campbell


Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine.[iNews' Photo]
Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine.[iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force says it is proud to inform the public on the significant progress it has made in the implementation of the 71 recommendations that arose from the Discipline Forces Commission of Inquiry Report of 2004.

According to Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine, who delivered a detailed presentation on the progress made with regard to each of the recommendations, the Force must be commended for giving effect to all the recommendation [which fall within the force’s remit] in such a short time.

He opined that the work that has been done by the Force in effectuating the 71 recommendations was highly commendable.

Among the progress made in the context of implementation includes the establishment of a Crime Intel Unit at the Criminal Investigation Department and the implementation of the Force’s Strategic Plan 2013 – 2017 along with the implementation of the Crime Stoppers Program.

Additionally, the Force boasted of the deployment of Anti-Narcotics ranks at the Lethem Multi Complex and Moleson Creek and collaboration with local, neighboring and regional and international law enforcement agencies to ensure the non- entry and exit of illicit drugs.

Then there was the dismantling of the Target Special squad known as the ‘black clothes’ and currently the Anti-Crime Units fall under the divisional Commanders.

There was much talk also of ongoing training in several area including finger printing, photography, handwriting and ballistics (which was noted to currently inadequate), anger management, courtesy and politeness and conflict resolution among others.

The Force also pointed to the need for the legislative arm of Government to pay more attention to the amending of existing legislations to give effect to several of the recommendations which depend on legislative reform.

Ramnarine also bragged of more sub – divisions and police stations across the country and increased police presence especially in new housing schemes and high crime risk areas.

Additionally, there was much talk of recruitment and better salary structures for ranks in order to augment the numerical strength of the Force. The GPF called on the government to give particular attention to career attractiveness and enhance salary structures along with substantial increases in remuneration.

According to Ramnarine, efforts are also being made to remove the misperception that the Force is the preserve of any one ethnic group.

The Force is also making strides in others areas, both recommended and non-recommended to improve its overall service to the public.




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