Police Officer under close arrest for setting teen’s hands on fire; Senior Rank transferred

Tortured teen, Junior Thornton.
Police Commissioner (ag),  Seelall Persaud.
Police Commissioner (ag), Seelall Persaud.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Commissioner of Police (ag) Seelall Persaud has revealed that a senior police officer was transferred to the K – 9 Division of the Guyana Police Force tried to sweep the torture report under the carpet rather than dealing with it condignly.

This is now a great concern to the force, the Police Commissioner said. He explained that ranks of the force must understand that they will not escape the discipline radar with such action.

The Police Commissioner had earlier condemned the approach taken by officers of the Sparendaam Police Station regarding 19 – year-old Junior Thorrington who was reportedly burnt on his hand by a police officer.

Tortured teen, Junior Thorrington.
Tortured teen, Junior Thorrington.

Persaud also disclosed that the accused rank is under close arrest and the investigation will conclude today. He said unless supervisors are willing to take proper and professional action when incidents of this nature occur, the Force will not be able to achieve the public’s trust.

Junior Thorington said the police ranks at the Sparendaam police station soaked his hands with methylated spirits and set them alight. He said this was following a fight between him and another prisoner.



  1. I find that some officers need therapy. In some or most countries officers need to undergo psychological checks every few months or after a major potentially traumatic event to ensure that they can resume duties right away. Is that done in Guyana? Police officers need to be of sound minds and retain such minds during their employment. Are there staff counsellors or therapists available and mandatory for officers?

  2. What the HELL is going on in Guyana? Guyanese people have become timid; they could never ave done this crap, 30-40 years ago and still even be in the force. Why are you people allowing this to happen. This is FRIGGING crazy! We’re gonna have to get the United Nations involved in this matter. There has to be some International Law that covers the torturing of citizens, in non-war periods. The whole Government including both parties need to be removed from office.


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