Police nab trio following robbery, fourth hiding in cemetery


By Leroy Smith

POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[www.inewsguyana.com] – Three men have been arrested by the Police in Den Amstel, West Coast of Demerara following a robbery in Hague Backdam.

iNews was reliably informed that the police were also able to recover a .38 revolver with two live rounds even as they have launched a manhunt in the burial ground at Den Amstel for a fourth suspect who managed to escape.

According to information received, after committing the robbery, the men fled the scene and the police were informed and gave chase. The police later received tips of where the men might have been hiding and caught up with them.

After the alleged bandits were arrested and taken to the Leonora Police Station, the police were then informed that a fourth suspect was hiding in the cemetery. Ranks have since returned to the area in search of the man.



  1. The suspect hide in the cemetery. Unless someone is caught in the act and poses a physical threat we cannot assume guilt and worse yet impose punishment. To do so is uncivil and illegal. History is replete with cases of the innocent being found guilty and on occasion even condemned to the gallows, mob or extra judicial justice is even more unreliable and can also be applied maliciously. We therefore have to suppress our emotions and abhorrence and allow justice to take its legislated course.

  2. Ref. The Criminal Hid In The Cemetery?

    If this criminal chose to hide in the cemetery.

    Then the Police should have ensured that he STAYED therein too.

    Why waste Tax Payers Time, and Money on Burial Expenses?


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