Venezuela demands Guyana halt ‘imperial’ oil exploration

Venezuela's Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez addresses the media during a news conference in Caracas, June 9, 2015.   REUTERS/Marco Bello
Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez addresses the media during a news conference in Caracas, June 9, 2015. REUTERS/Marco Bello

[Reuters] – Venezuela on Tuesday, June 09 demanded that Guyana halt oil exploration being carried out by Exxon Mobil Corp in disputed offshore territory in an escalation of a long-running border dispute between the two South American nations.

Exxon last month said it found oil off Guyana’s coast, spurring complaints from Caracas that Guyana is unfairly exploiting a disputed territory that must be negotiated through a mechanism created via a 1966 treaty signed in Geneva.

“Until there is a resolution of the issue of territorial reclamation … there can be no unilateral use of these waters,” Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez said in televised comments.unnamed

“The new government of Guyana shows a dangerous political provocation against a peaceful Venezuela, supported by the imperial power of an American transnational, Exxon Mobil,” she said, referring to Guyanese authorities elected in May.

Exxon has said it has no comment on the bilateral dispute. The sparsely populated and dense jungle area known as the Essequibo encompasses an area equivalent to around two-thirds of Guyanese territory. It functions in practice as part of Guyana and shows no discernable trace of Venezuelan influence.

Guyana says Caracas agreed to relinquish the Essequibo following a ruling by an international tribunal in 1899, but that Venezuela later backtracked on that decision.

Venezuela says the 1899 ruling was unfair and insists the territory is still in dispute. Maps in Venezuela usually describe the Essequibo as the “reclamation zone.”



  1. I wander where you get that one from. there is no such information anywhere. Since I read your comment, I did a research. you might be shocked at three names on that list. There is no David nor Moses.

  2. XXX where did you get that information from is the book or paper you yourself wrote if so why didn’t the ppp/c say something before the election or were they afraid of him.

  3. Venezuela is & has always been a bully…but money earned from bullying doesn’t benefit a nation… in time to come they will have to pay.

  4. Sick the world as a nation is sinking as we chase after greed and material things Shame on the human race

  5. The both have the skills and equipment but, the USA ,Canada and the United Kingdom wil control all of the wealth earn from the OIL.
    Venezuela hands are tied behind their backs because nobody will support them

  6. To quote one of my all time favorite movie Blazing Saddles “…it’s the last act of a desperate man” Maduro.

  7. Go back to Venezuela Jimmer. Exxon had a right to sign the deal with Guyana as the Essequibo and the Ocean in front of Guyana belongs to Guyana. This is not about your paranoid thought that the US is trying to attack Venezuela. The bus driver is just trying to deflect attention away from the lineups for toilet paper and soap.

  8. If Venezuela government and Guyana government has the skills, equipment and everything needed to drill for the oil and decide on sharing it for the two nations at least that will be resources in the hands of the original people whose land the oil was found. Countries must begin to own their resources, especially the oil. It should not be in the hands of a monopoly. Please retain this important resource and engage in agreement with Venezuela to share in the economic growth and development of the country and the people. Exxon already own lots of oil refineries in Africa, middle east, etc.. Let other nations own theirs too. Our gold resources are no longer in Guyana’s hands, we cannot give away everything.

    Watch for the old tricks of dividing nations to concur their resources..

  9. Maduro govt is using this claim to distract venezuelans from theirdesperate internal problems. Guyana needs toget an imternational hearing urgently on this issue. Guyana must at all cost avoid confrontation with the desperate Maduro.

  10. Exon know very well that they were going into trouble waters But Back by the USA
    It’s a door for US to attack Venezuela.Three countries claim piece of Guyana
    could they all be wrong about this Amerindian Land. Europe old plan is to divide and
    rule,not only countries but People and races.

  11. Guyana Does Not Take Orders From Anyone In Venezuela.

    Especially from a Dictator and WIMP at the Helm therein.

    Meet with us at the Diplomatic Negotiation Table, and let us all discuss this issue like CIVILIZED people.

    Making Public Demands on the Guyana Government intending to scare us.

    But we are not scared or shaking in or collective boots either.


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