Police foil robbery in Essequibo


[www.inewsguyana.com] Quick action by the Police on the Essequibo Coast prevented the robbery of a Document Centre at Richmond Housing Scheme on Monday June 29.

Reports indicate that businessman Jared Alli was alerted by the loud barking of dogs at around 22:00hrs and upon checking what was he noticed that the lights were disconnected and immediately realized that that his place was under attack by thieves.

The businessman quickly made a call to the Police at Anna Regina and with the quick and swift response by the officers the robbery was prevented.

However the bandits torched a wooden window to the business place.

Police a 12 feet crow bar at the crime scene and several foot tracks were also seen at the back of the business place.



  1. When is this crime going to stop.innocent people work honestly in the day and in the night you got to fear for your lives and your families.new gov.enough talking it’s time for rapid and effective action.


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