APNU+AFC Coalition is not falling apart – says Harmon


APNU AFC[www.inewsguyana.com] – General Secretary of A Partnership For National Unity (APNU), Joseph Harmon has asserted that the APNU+AFC (Alliance For Change) coalition is not falling apart but rather, it is stronger as ever.

Harmon made the announcement even as the coalition review the terms set out in the Cummingsburg Accord. Over the past week, concerns have been raised about the coalition’s plans to amend the agreement given the fact that certain aspects clashed with Guyana’s constitution.

Political commentator, Ralph Ramkarran had chided both Parties for their non-compliance and insisted that the Parties are not free to amend the accord since it is one that was made by the electorate.

The Cummingsburg Accord states that the Prime Minister would chair the weekly cabinet meetings but this has not been adhered to since the coalition took office.

However, Harmon on Wednesday, July 01 stated that with “the Chairing of Cabinet, there is no issue, because Cabinet is chaired by the President, and upon direction from him, parts are Chaired by the Prime Minister.”

He pointed out that at the last session of Cabinet, half of it was chaired by the President and the other half was presided over by Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo.

“The Coalition is not falling apart, but is working quite cohesively,” Harmon asserted; adding that a coalition building forum is to be held soon where both Parties will work out whatever quirks are currently being felt.

Meanwhile, political activist Clinton Urling has lauded the coalition for its move to amend the Cummingsburg Accord, noting that it is progressive thinking on the part of the APNU+AFC.

“The Coalition is treading on sturdy ground by proposing to amend the Accord. I say this resolutely if the modifications lead to stable governance that is characterized by inclusiveness and cooperation (something that has been conspicuously absent from our political culture as of recent) and more so if that lead to good governance,” said Urling.

He contended that most voters are not that concerned about the exactness of the Accord as they are about the consequence of any alteration.

“If it leads to the improvement in their lives, security and economic fortunes then they would most certainly be willing to make that trade off.We must not articulate rigidity for the sake of, especially if it leads to a worsening of the governance situation, but rather we need to examine the current context and adapt when necessary,” he stated.



  1. “Rohit Parmanand”…I’m not sure if you remember but Rome was not built in a day Neither were the Pyramids in Egypt or the great wall in China. Anything substantial and that will last must be worked upon assiduously,and that takes time. OK.

  2. The Coalition giovernment will have a tough job with the PPP/C propaganda, which will be relentless over the next five years. It will be an occupational hazzard, but it will have to be dealt with. APNU+AFC, please keep the Guyanese People INFORMED with what you are doing in a timely way. For example, I am very disappointed that the Minister of Infrastructure, Hon. David Patterson, MP, has not up-dated the Citizens about the status of the desilting of the City Koker Out-Falls. We should have been informed. It is very important, especially in facing with the PPP/C propaganda machinery. Please Keep the citizens informed in a timely way.

  3. Nagin you better wish hard for a soft kick…lol and you Ram goat you better start looking for another pasture to graze. TIME TELLS A WONDERFUL TALE.

  4. It is too early to say the coalition is falling apart but from the decisions taken something seems clumsy, in fact it is pointing in particular direction that is not inclusionary to reflect the six races of this country. The same thing we voted for has now embraced the same politics of the PPP.
    Firstly i must say i had a closer look at the cabinet and it is way too large, and i also noticed that few ministry are agendaless.
    Tourism all i hear is we teaching public sector employees manners, Ms Kathy where is the strategic direction for the sector?
    Ministry of communities – where is the strategy to deal with garbage, this should have been high on the agenda of the APNU/AFC. The big pre swearing cean up is nothing different from the PPP haphazard now and again clean up.
    There continues to be garbage everywhere and i see nothing longterm to deal with this. It is not only in the city it is the whole country.


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