Police attacks media for reportage on alleged raped prisoner


[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Police Force on Sunday (January 19) issued a statement noting its dissatisfaction with the manner in which local media reported on allegations of a police rank raping a prisoner while in custody.

The GPF in the statement said “at this point in time the complaint made by Colwyn Harding of being assaulted and sodomised with a baton covered with a condom by the police, while in custody at the Timehri Police Station, is an allegation which is under investigation by the Police Office of Professional Responsibility.”

The statement added that it has been observed however, that some sections of the media apparently have, without the benefit of a completed investigation, arrived at the conclusion that the police ranks are guilty of these allegations and continue to besmirch the image of the Police Force and the character of the ranks allegedly involved in the incident through their publications and statements.

The released recalled a recent press conference held by the Commissioner of Police, Leroy Brumell where he indicated that the investigation is proceeding apace and it is expected to be completed during this week, after which legal advice will be sought.

The Police Force is urging that good sense and professionalism prevail and that all await the outcome of the investigation, rather than assume a particular position and vilify the Force which, under the circumstances, can only be construed as aimed at demoralizing ranks and tarnishing the Force’s image and reputation.

The Guyana Police Force also reiterating that it does not condone unethical or inappropriate behavior by its ranks, and that condign action will be taken against any rank found culpable of such action.



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