Pensioner terrorized, robbed of $2M during armed robbery


crime[] – A pensioner on the Essequibo Coast is counting her losses after a lone bandit broke into her home in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, September 09.

iNews understands that 64 – year – old Chandroutie Lawrie of Better Hope, Essequibo Coast was beaten and robbed of some $2M in cash, raw gold, jewellery and electrical carpenter tools at around 2:30 hrs.

The woman, who lives alone, said a lone knife wielding bandit gained entry to her home via a rear window and held her up. Lawrie stated that she heard her dogs barking and got up from bed to investigate but saw no one in her yard.

The widow said she went back to bed when she saw the door to her bedroom opened and then observed someone crawling on the floor. She alleged that the bandit had a hat pulled down over his face and was wearing a short sleeve brown shirt.

The elderly woman reported that the perpetrator pushed her down on the bed and demanded she hand over the money and other valuables.

She alleged that the bandit had the knife at her throat and slapped her several times. Lawrie said she showed him a bag that was near the bed that contained about $25,000, jewellery and some raw gold.

The woman alleged that the bandit found another purse which contained about $600,000 in cash and some US$700 along with jewellery.

The traumatized woman said that the perpetrator spent approximately an hour in the house and even drank the Coca Cola from the refrigerator and even ate several sweets.

The man also stole some electrical and carpenter tools from her storeroom. Meanwhile, police are investigating and have arrested a youth from Darthmouth for questioning.



  1. Pensioner terrorized, robbed of $2M during armed robbery…Loads of doe stashed with pensioner. Got no more on this. lol


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