Passenger shot dead in route 44 minibus 


– A 42-year-old man is now dead after he was shot by a fellow passenger in a route 44 minibus during a brazen daylight robbery. 

According to a police press statement, at 14:35 hrs on Monday June 01, at Turkeyen Public Road, East Coast Demerara, Hardat Kissoon was shot when he engaged in a scuffle with another passenger who attempted to relieve him of a bag.  

Police say that Kissoon was travelling in a mini-bus when another man in the vehicle requested to get off. However, as the man was passing Kissoon, he pulled out a firearm and held him at gunpoint and demanded a bag that he had in his possession. IMG-20150601-WA0008

A struggle ensued over the bag during which Kissoon was shot to his chest and the perpetrator escaped with the bag.  

The man was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

iNews understands that the bandit escaped with some $500,000 in cash since Kissoon had left home to change a cheque.



  1. Broad day. He had no mask and passenger in the car saw his face.
    Still we can’t find him? Poor guy had to work hard for that money since he traveling using bus.

  2. Dear Concerned Guyanese,

    There are already hundreds of cameras in and around Georgetown…what they were/are being used for…I don’t know. Somebody got a nice kick-back on that camera project.

  3. Where is de so call home affairs minister, since they took over, is every dam day is crime n robbery?

  4. The perpetrator must be brought to justic fortwith.Security cameras must be installed throughout the city and the main roads and highways.There must also be heavy Police patrols throughout these said areas.Officers must also be placed among the citizens in civilian clothing as undercovers to nabbed these criminals during their brazen acts.Its time for this nonsense to stop.President Granger must impliment the cat o nine tail.Hard working citizens have to endure such cruelity for their hard earned cash.

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  6. Now, now! Is this not barefaced robbery? This bandit should not be allowed to escape. He must be found and feel the severity to the law. Also, he should be made to squeal on other members of the ‘gang’ and those being trained to rob at any time of day or night. There has to be a Gang Leader. Incidence of crimes and fatal shootings seem to raise its head – is there a scheme to embarrass this Govt? Or, some, testing the waters?
    Condolences to the Family, Relative and Friends.


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