Overseas based Guyanese Mother, son plead guilty to arson

Sardawatie K. Beedasee and Romal Ramgadoo,
Sardawatie K. Beedasee and Romal Ramgadoo,
Sardawatie K. Beedasee and Romal Ramgadoo,

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Schenectady mother and son on trial for hiring a 14-year-old boy to burn down their rental property abruptly pleaded guilty Wednesday afternoon.

Sardawatie K. Beedasee, 42, and her 21-year-old son, Romal Ramgadoo, struck plea deals as they each testified in their own defense. Beedasee had completed her testimony, prosecutor John Healy said, and Ramgadoo was in mid-cross examination when the trial broke for lunch.

When they returned from lunch, though, they both indicated they wanted a plea deal, Healy said. He obliged. Beedasee pleaded guilty to attempted arson in exchange for two to six years in state prison. Ramgadoo admitted to third-degree arson in return for a sentence of 2.5 to 7.5 years.

Both also face possible deportation to their native Guyana upon release, Healy said, as neither are U.S. citizens. Both are to be sentenced May 14, a day shy of the one-year anniversary of the fire that destroyed 66-68 Linden St.

The property was unoccupied and no one was hurt, but firefighters did put themselves at risk to enter the burning building and search for possible victims.

The two admitted to paying the 14-year-old boy to burn the home in a scheme to claim US$200,000 in insurance money on the property. Healy said at trial that Beedasee had the building burned less than a month after she took out the policy and a day before the second policy payment was due.

Healy argued that the two put the boy’s life in danger to line their own pockets. Beedasee was represented by attorney Glen Brownell and Ramgadoo by Sam Iroegbu. Neither could be reached for comment for this story.

They stated in their opening arguments that the case was one of a conspiracy against the mother and son stemming from an old grudge and a financial dispute.

The case was the first arson-for-profit prosecution brought during the 25-year tenure of Schenectady County District Attorney Robert Carney. He credited the creation of the local Arson Task Force and the investigative work of Schenectady Fire Department Capt. Doug Faulisi, Lt. Thomas Dercole and Firefighter James Penn.

Carney also noted the effectiveness of the street-camera system in the city. It captured images of the 14-year-old fleeing the scene and corroborated the account he gave to investigators.

“Schenectady knows only too well the cost of fire, both monetarily and in human suffering,” Carney said in a statement. “Hopefully, today’s guilty pleas and prison sentences will deter others contemplating insurance fraud by fire.”

The now 15-year-old arsonist expressed remorse during his testimony, Healy said, adding that the boy saw the money and didn’t think of the consequences of his actions.

“Generally speaking, his life is for the better now,” Healy said. “He’s in a much better place and doing better.” The case was tried in front of Judge James A. Murphy III. [dailygazette]



  1. The mother is pure evil she killed the boys father in Guyana. The cross eye son beat deportation before by taking that top immigration lawyer saccone. He shoundnt be so lucky this time. The older son already doing time for another crime. These scum belong back in Guyana.

  2. Well this is a calamity to be bad lucky and ugly at the same time. These people were about to commit insurance fraud and get caught. There should be no leniency for them. It’s a crime committed, therefore they are criminals who should be treated that way. As for the adulterer boy friend who allegedly planned the whole thing, he should be given a life time jail sentence as an example. These are the type of people that will be beaten by many stripes! Imagine they were on the pulpit singing and playing guitar. These are the very kind who Christ spoke of “They will say Lord I did many good works and the Lord will say to them, DEPART FROM ME YOU WORKERS OF INIQUITY” That will be a sad day! They continue to sin over, and over again. God is not mocked. Neither is he a man? Bottom line, According to the Bible they are definitely going to hell!!! No worker of iniquities is going to Heaven!

  3. What dummies!!!.You never hire a kid to do anything illegal, if grown ups have a hard time keeping their mouth SHUT , what you think the odds are when dealing with kids.
    With scams like this you always try and do the job yourself.if not you always leave yourself open to be blackmail down the road.

  4. Those criminals are from Albion, The woman responsible for she first husband death, now she is on she third husband. that guy used to work with DDL. in New Amsterdam. He always cheat on the wife the guy normally beat he wife bad , how come them Police didn’t charge hie. He always try to play he smart. If he is on deportation they police should deport him quick before he commit more crime. I hear the pastor expel he and now he is some buck man of rose hell town church.

  5. What a disgrace, These people got no shame, them these devil only giving us bad name in this community, the woman a sing in church and ravi playing the guitar and playing the waste woman then them two left them husband and wife and get away. Everybody in this place know that the sweet man is on deportation and he plan the fire and put the sweet goat to do that.

  6. Those criminals should be jailed for life. They have endangered the life of the fifteen year child along with those firefighters and neighbor. I am saying make them an example. They deserve to punished! They are no different from the “Kick down the door bandits” Those holigans want fast money. Bitches!!

  7. insurance fraud by fire and many others means are big business and guess what? you and me have to pay for it..this is why when insurance fraudsters are caught they must be put away for very long long time with all their asserts seized..they are the same as those who put guns to your head while robbing you except the gun.
    shoplifting is big business..but guess what? again you n me have to pay for it..today something on the rack for 10 $ tomorrow u come back it 20 $..U want it U need it U have to have it then pay through your nose for it..part of that increase is greed too on the business people part but hey they dont care do they? hel no !!


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