City Hall is not a fire hazard – Sooba


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Carol Sooba. [iNews' Photo]
Carol Sooba. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Acting Town Clerk, Carol Sooba has rejected reports that City Hall is a fire hazard and the Council should advise against the gathering of any large crowd.

This is a cause for concern given the fact that political parties are counting down the days for nomination day which will be held on Tuesday April 07 at City Hall’s building.

Sooba, in rejecting the report, told iNews that all systems are in place to host nominations day activities safely. She explained that recommendations were made by Fire Chief, Marlon Gentle for upgrades to be done to the structure.

“The report is a general one that would have been submitted like any other building but it did not have to do with the preparation or condemning the building for nomination day.”

Additionally, the security forces are also making the necessary preparations that will see a better management of the

“Nomination day activities will be held here and all systems are in place and we are still continuing to do some other works so that the place can be properly prepared for that day’s activities…the National Police and City Constabulary are in full force in their numbers and there are arrangements to prevent the crowd from over taking City Hall,” Sooba told iNews.

This year, political parties will use the Avenue of the Republic as the entrance and Regent Street as their exit.

When iNews contacted the Fire Chief he was reluctant to say whether he indeed made the statement that the building was unsafe and offered no comment on the issue.



  1. oh my goodness, again to fix all that the government of the day just had to call local government election. thats all , they would have put their people up and the opposition would do the same and poof new mayor and bam change

  2. louse historic for you and you and i and the rest of a major part of de worldknow why it historic for you…massa gat yall ent gat nothing to do with party intrest..and interest of country…ah hope u get my drift louse

  3. shaan dis in gat nothing to do with the crap u wrote..dis is hammie house period…have u ever heard of pnc not wanting local elections? have you heard of citizens taking to the streets when their roads are broken up? u are with the silent people on the garbage and filth who cant saq squat to hammie? dis i why i said if was apppmayor their would be no georgetown from thosesilent people who love their oncecrown prince has been king in waiting..

  4. Mr. Green, you know instead of wishing bad at one of our oldest buildings , there was and is a better solution to get rid of the mayor, let me ask you have you ever heard of LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS, yeah i bet you do it was as simple as that but apparently the government didn’t want that the had other plans even thought the CONSTITUTION of GUYANA stated the there must be local government elections. You see Green its as simple as that and please don’t say that about city hall sir.

  5. What nonsense are you saying Green? This historic building belongs to the country and people of Guyana.. How myopic of you to only see party interests and not the interest of our country!!!

  6. let it fall..let it ketch on fire…its hammie green house so hu cares..imagine if was a ppp member being mayor…there would be no will have made sure of that..


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