One dead, another wounded in Bourda Market shooting


POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – A man is now dead and his male friend wounded in a suspected execution style shooting on Saturday morning (October 24).

Dead is 30 – year – old Stanly Lovell, who was shot twelve time about the body while his friend, 21 – year – old Anthony Hall was shot once to the leg.

The men were reportedly heading into the Bourda Market area to purchase vegetables together when shots were fired in their direction.

iNews was told by police sources that the incident, which took place at approximately 03:00 hrs on Saturday at the junction on Bourda and Regent Street, was witnessed by vendors, who were forced to seek cover.

The wounded Hall told the police that while they were walking to market, the vehicle pulled up and the occupants inside opened fire on them.




  1. Well there is a saying Karma is a bitch the wrong thing we do will someday come back and haunt us this person had a bad record that speak for it’s left.

  2. What is really going on there? How long will it be like this? It’s every day every minute you are reading about someone being shot. I don’t care who says what the crime rate is now worse than when the PPP was ruling Guyana. No one seems to be addressing the issue of crime there. It’s all about.the big fat salary increases.


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