First Lady wants rapists to be prosecuted; says young girls must be protected

First Lady, Sandra Granger addressing the gathering
First Lady, Sandra Granger addressing the gathering

[] – First Lady Sandra Granger, has issued a call for those responsible for statutory rape to be pursued and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Addressing the gathering at the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association’s (GRPA) Fundraising Dinner on Thursday evening (October 22), at the Pegasus Hotel, Mrs. Granger pointed out that in Guyana, teenagers are giving birth, while the perpetrators are walking away without facing any consequences for their irresponsible actions. To this end, the First Lady said that there must be no excuses in finding the culprits and having them prosecuted.

“This is where the might and majesty of the law must come into play. Sexual intercourse with a child under 16 is statutory rape and all loopholes must be closed. I do not want to hear any excuses… like he didn’t know the girl was under aged. Yes, we do have adolescent school boys fathering children but in many cases, girl children are forced to have sex with older men or forced by family members to become a sex worker,” Mrs. Granger said.

Director of the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) Patricia Sheeratan-Bisnauth and First Lady, Sandra Granger
Director of the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) Patricia Sheeratan-Bisnauth and First Lady, Sandra Granger

She said often the victims of these situations lack the critical information on sexual reproductive health (SRH) including contraception and STIs and as such, become vulnerable and this must be rectified.

The First Lady called for improved and equitable access to sexual reproductive health services for young girls and boys, in an effort to reduce the incidence of teenage pregnancy and Sexual Transmitted Infections (STIs) in Guyana. Mrs. Granger praised the work of the organisation in reaching out to teenagers with sexual reproductive health and family planning education.

“The GRPA has done and continues to perform a valuable service to Guyana by providing a service such as this… The importance of these services cannot be over emphasised. By informing our young people, we are protecting and keeping them safe,” she said. [Extracted and modified from Ministry of the Presidency]



  1. Kiki indeed a good speech but action will come the words are barley out of our 1st lady’s mouth so let’s wait for the action. Yes Fitz I do think the salary for our law abiding officers are rediculous and they should be paid better instead of them having to demand money from the public in so doing they cand do the job they are supposed to do. For too long our armed forces are receiving salaries that is making them have to live in poverty so it’s time for them to be properly paid to do their jobs. It’s like they are working for thank you when they’re putting there lives out there for us; no wander why so many of them are being caught up with bribery. So I’m calling on our government to please pay the police officers so they can protect us.

    Thank you

  2. Guyana is Short of/Deficient in, Good and effective Actions and Not speaches. Doing what aught to be done lags ‘moons’ behind what must be, and has been said.
    We can now,however, expect/see positive results from our “doers” in the light of our new Government’s new-found solution : Pay Them Right then Performances and Deliverables will be Right ,or can be Rightfully Demanded.


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