Nothing helpful found on Patsan surveillance footage

Patsan Trading Services. [iNews' Photo]



Dead: Bharrat Ramcharran.
Dead: Bharrat Ramcharran.

[] – The Police have once again commenced the reviewing of security tapes from Patsan Trading Services where Bharat Ramcharan was shot dead yesterday by two bandits.

Ramcharan, who worked at the Company, was reportedly trailed from another location in the City by two bandits on CG motorcycles. iNews ( was reliably informed that the man whom the police arrested for questioning in the matter is not likely to be charged since they were unable to gather information of evidential value.

On Thursday (April 24), the police viewed the surveillance footage but were unable to pick up anything that would assist them in their investigation. Although there is a camera positioned at the front entrance of the building, it is unclear if it was recording at the time of the incident.

Ramcharan has been working with the business for more than ten years and this is not the first time that he has been robbed while conducting business for his employer.

Despite handling large sums of cash he was not afforded protection and the security who was manning the gate yesterday when the incident occurred was not armed. [Leroy Smith]





  1. As a former business owner that have been attacked in the past by deranged criminals, I would strongly suggest that information of this nature not be revealed to the public until the police have completed their investigations. Not only does this type of inaccurate reporting, since nothing of the sort has yet been confirmed by the police, threatens the security of businesses, but also shows the lack of competence of our media who just seem deemed on sensationalization and ratings, rather that presenting factual information.


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