AFC Councillor refuses to resign; says he will remain a ‘thorn in the AFC’s posterior’

AFC Region Six Councillor Haseef Yusuf.

[] – Alliance For Change (AFC) Region Six Councillor, Haseef Yusuf has refused to resign from his post, despite pleadings from the Leadership of the Party for him to do so.

The AFC, through a statement had noted that a motion by five of the AFC’s Councillorswas moved, expressing no confidence in Yusuf.

Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan. [iNews' Photo]
Leader of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan. [iNews’ Photo]
However, Yusuf in a letter to iNews ( stated that the motion is a “blatant lie and that none of the Councillors have called on him to resign.

“However, I have said it before when [Khemraj] Ramjattan referred to me as ‘rogue councillor’ that he, Ramjattan, is a bigger rogue than I am since he held on for dear life to the Member of Parliament  position when he was kicked out of the PPP/C and I WILL NOT RESIGN!” Yusuf declared.

He further noted, “I will not resign because the majority of Berbicians who unwittingly voted for the AFC in the 2011 General Election has full confidence in the stance I have taken. They have lost confidence in the AFC. On ‘the Alliance on the Move’ program on DTV 8 in Berbice, the AFC Member of Parliament, Ramayyalamented this fact when he morosely said that ‘sugar workers have betrayed the AFC’. The people have moved a motion of ‘no confidence’ in the AFC and its leadership. I will therefore not resign since I am fulfilling the mandate of the people who voted for the AFC in Berbice and I am fulfilling my duties towards my country. I will not allow the AFC or APNU to destroy the social and economic development of my country.”

According to Yusuf, the AFC support has drastically dwindled over the last two years and “that downward spiral has become more pronounced since their last ‘scissoring’ of $ 37.4 billion from the 2014 budget.”

AFC Region Six Councillor Haseef Yusuf.
AFC Region Six Councillor Haseef Yusuf.

He said, “I will continue to be the ‘thorn in the AFC’s posterior’ once they continue to stymie development in our dear land!”

Yusuf broke ranks with the AFC and moved a motion calling on the Party and other opposition parties in parliament to support the passage of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering of Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Amendment Bill.

This move stirred up much uproar and controversy.




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