North Ruimveldt family terrorized by six armed men

The family's home [iNews Photo]

By Jomo Paul

The family's home [iNews Photo]
The family’s home [iNews Photo]
[] – A Festival City North Ruimveldt family got the scare of their lives in the wee hours of Monday morning when they were accosted by a group of six armed men outside their home.

According to reports, Ian Shanks and his wife had just come out of a taxi at about 02:00hrs on Monday August 17, when the six men pounced on them. The woman explained to iNews that two of the men had large guns and demanded that she and her husband hand over their valuables.

She said that although they complied with the requests, she was punched to her face several times while her husband was beaten about his body.

“They take the keys come inside, ransack the bedroom them took our jewellery….soon as we jump out the taxi and the car turn around the guns were at our throats,” the woman told iNews.

Mrs Shanks said that only one of the men wore a handkerchief around his face but the identities of the other men were not concealed.  According to the husband, the ordeal lasted for all of ten minutes before the men made their escape on foot with close to $12,000 in cash and some amount of jewellery.

Although a report was made to the police immediately after the incident, Police Officers never arrived on the scene until after 4:00hrs. It was noted that another police officer was expected to arrive later on Monday to dust the scene for fingerprints and any other forensic evidence.





  1. What a joke. If all you APNU+AFC=PNC supporters were under the impression that this Government will deliver then think again.

    They got no clue how to run this country. Stop been so optimistic. Things are going to get worse. We are heading back into those dark PNC days.

  2. What do you suggest the police should do Observer? They, the Granger administration has no clue what to do and I suggest the first action they should take is FIRE RAMJATTAN. He is an absolute failure. Then they could start looking at what is being done in Barbados, TnT, and Jamaica to arrest the crime situation. What other suggestion do you have? let’s read them.

  3. This place is fast becoming like Baghdad. No amount of political gimmickry from ‘Rumjattan’ is going to help. He proclaimed that all bars must close by 2:00 AM but word has it that by the time 5:00 PM rolls around – he is intoxicated so no wonder we have a whole bunch of mixed messages being sent out to the police force and the public at large.

    The citizens of Guyana are literally fed up and are demanding competent and credible leadership which President Granger promised during the recent elections.
    The place is going from bad to patently worst in no short time and in comparison to Afghanistan where one knows what to expect …in Guyana’s case every thing is simply the great unknown and beyond.

    May the Good Lord help us as we slide further into anarchy, despair and total social implosion whilst our political behemoths continue to wax poetic in their daily plethora of obfuscating remarks.

  4. what the hell ru doing besides nothing jatta……u only talking and the crime situation getting worst…I was optimistic with the ‘change’, but its getting worst

  5. Really?!! Out of all the people to call you suggest Rohee, do you think this is a joke?
    This crime spree started long ago and will no stop with a new govt. But they are now putting things in place like getting more equipment and better training for officers. The biggest problem is that there isn’t enough police officers and equipment to do proper patrols ,and that causes a reactive response to crime. Also the judicial section has to be strenghtened and laws be implemented to deter crime. I am hopeful there will be a turnaround soon.

  6. HOME INVASION must become a thing of the past. The Police have to do much more to end the reign of terror by these gangs.

  7. common on Mr. Minister of National Security, it high time now you frigging resign from the job got going!! don’t waste the tax payers money any longer!!!! asked the goat na bite me man for some advice you idiot,


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