Bourda Market vendors protest Gov’t over removal

Vendors protesting outside the Ministry of Presidency on Monday, August 17. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Vendors protesting outside the Ministry of Presidency on Monday, August 17. [iNews' Photo]
Vendors protesting outside the Ministry of Presidency on Monday, August 17. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A small group of vendors from Bourda market are upset with the handling of their relocation by the Town Clerk and City Council and have staged a protest outside the Ministry of the Presidency (formerly Office of the President) to vent their frustration.

The vendors are protesting a decision by the City Council to tear down the Bedford building, which would result in them having to relocate their stalls to Orange Walk.

According to Jacklyn Hunter, one of the protesters, she has been selling at the location to maintain herself and her differently abled son for several decades and has no intention of moving anytime soon.

“I have a disabled child that I have to maintain and I selling their forty years now and they want to move we. Saturday they gon tell we that we gotta move. I aint going,” said an angry Hunter outside of Ministry of the Presidency.

According to another vendor, Shellon Henry, while they are willing to move from the pavements outside the building, they are not willing to accept relocation to Orange walk.

“They can put us on the road like the rest of vendors – they can do it but they just want to put some and keep some,” she told iNews.

According to the vendors, there are no proper security measures in place at the new location on Orange Walk.

“We were down there at City Hall and all they doing – they just throwing us around and I don’t think that is right for vendors who have been paying revenue for over 40 years,” another one of the protesting women told iNews.

The vendors are hoping for an intervention on their behalf from President David Granger or Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo – both of whom are located at the Ministry of the Presidency.

This would be the first time that a group of persons have protested the Ministry of the Presidency under the APNU+AFC administration. Efforts made to contact Town Clerk Royston King proved futile.




  1. Only now the vendors is doing something illegal the vendors are the small man and should be the real man.

  2. Try for a meeting with Granger ,not Nagga,he has to get permission from Harmon for everything he do,he is a rubberstamp making promise.

  3. The Bedford School Building-Opposite Bourda Flea Market-Georgetown-Guyana:

    This dilapidated and Fire Hazard structure has to be torn down. And those vendors who plied they wares on the sidewalk outside that building was doing so illegally.

    This is also an infringement on Private Property. Now that the City Authority is about to dismantle that structure, and has promised to re-locate those vendors involved. It is by no means the sole responsibility of the M.&.C.C. to do this.

    Therefore, commonsense and reason MUST prevail with all parties involved and impacted, to reach some amicable solution to this problem.


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