NOC Report on 2012 unrest finally complete – Moore

Ombudsman Justice Winston Moore

By Kurt Campbell

[] – Ombudsman Justice Winston Moore, has advised that the report of the inquiry into the 2012 unrest at the New Opportunity Corps (NOC) will be completed by Friday, June  6 the latest, after almost a two year delay.

Ombudsman Justice Winston Moore
Ombudsman Justice Winston Moore

“Currently we are dotting the Is and crossing the Ts,” he told iNews yesterday. He said it will be handed over to the relevant authorities by Friday, after which it will be left up to them to make it public as promised.

Justice Moore refused to divulge any details in relation to the delay. What is known however is that he has been under considerable pressure in recent months to complete the report.

Only recently Youth and Culture Minister Dr. Frank Anthony spoke of continued efforts to acquire from Justice Moore the report which was due since September 2012.

 “I have written no less than four letters, I don’t know what’s stopping him; I don’t know what else to do to get the final report,” he had said amid pressure from Opposition Members of Parliament (MP), Basil Williams and Christopher Jones for the report to be acquired and made public in the face of concerns of deteriorating standards at the juvenile detention center.

In August 2012, dozens of inmates broke out of the NOC at Onderneeming and went on a rampage through several communities.

The inmates, both male and female, overpowered guards and caregivers, even inflicting injuries, after breaking down doors, smashing windows and setting buildings ablaze.

An inquiry into the circumstances was launched shortly after for which a preliminary report was produced, which according to the Ministry was used as a guide to making changes at the institutions.

However, there continues to emanate from the institution claims of sexual harassment, assault and abuse which have led to the Opposition MPs calling for an inquiry into the overall operations at the location.

Without doubt the report is a highly anticipated one.



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