Travel Span not threatened by competition


By Leroy Smith

[] – Travel Span has taken a position to invest heavily in its Georgetown operations since according to the company’s General Manager, Vanita Jagnarain, it has no intentions of pulling out of this market.

General Manager of Travel Span (Guyana), Vanita Jagnarain
General Manager of Travel Span (Guyana), Vanita Jagnarain

She made the comment after being questioned by iNews about the number of airlines services on the local market including those plying the same routes as Travel Span.

In addressing the decision by the airline to retreat from the skies several years ago, Jagnarain said that the move was based on financial considerations and feasibility which she added has proven to be a wise move at the time.

She told iNews that the decision to invest in the training of thirty Guyanese flight attendants is due to the Company realizing that such an investment will serve the company well as it will encourage country men to travel with an airline on which their natives are working and who they can relate to in their native language.

Travel Span in its drive to have an even stronger hold in the Guyana market has added Port of Spain to its destinations of travel as well as New York. The New York route, the General Manager explained is very vital.

According to Jagnarain, the company is not looking to grab on to other routes just yet since according to her, plying the New York route is very sensitive as it relates to the operations and demands and once the airline is confident that it has it fully under control, they will launch into more routes.

It was pointed out that the investment made by Travel Span in the training of the thirty Guyanese is unheard of since other airlines have their attendants based outside of Guyana and carry other nationalities.

Despite the many airlines and their presence in Guyana, Travel Span has fully booked flights for all the peak seasons. 



  1. I’ve used Travel Span each time I traveled to GT, and I’ve been satisfied with the service. Although it is convenient to have choices of Airlines, I agree with Ms. Jagnaran, your name is an established one, Maintain your integrity of service and you’ll keep your customers..


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