Nigerian National charged with illegal entry, Magistrate orders deportation

Anthony Aka
Anthony Aka
Anthony Aka

Nigerian national, 39 – year – old Anthony Aka today appeared in court and pleaded guilty to the charge of illegal entry, which stated that on July 07 at Springlands Corentyne Berbice he entered Guyana by sea without presenting himself to an immigration officer.

According to the Police Prosecutor, on July 07 at Charity Essequibo Coast the accused was asked to produce his passport when he indicated that he had none.

He was then taken into custody at CID headquarters where he was questioned.

The accused claimed that he lost his passport in Suriname and that he came to Guyana on July 01 without any document. The Prosecutor said the accused was heading to Venezuela to work with a friend when he was arrested and charged. Based on the circumstances the magistrate fined the accused $30,000 and ordered he be deported once the fine is paid. [Royan Abrams]