Man steals Cream Liqueur, mistakes it for Chocolate Milk

Damion James.
Damion James.
Damion James.

Damion James who has no fixed place of abode was fined $10,000 or an alternative of two months imprisonment for simple larceny.

James pleaded guilty to the offence which stated that on July 06 at Water Street Georgetown he stole two bottles of Eldorado Cream Liqueur valued in total of $1,298 property of Bounty Supermarket.

The accused told the court that he was hungry and went to Bounty Supermarket to get something to eat. He said he took the Cream Liqueur for Chocolate milk and placed it into his pants pocket.

The accused then asked the Magistrate if he can pay his fine in parts but was asked if he thinks he is at a store where he is allowed a lay away plan. [Royan Abrams]