New National Drug Strategy Master Plan almost complete


[] – The National Drug Strategy Master Plan (NDSMP) 2013 to 2017 is at a stage where the final document is being drafted.

This is according to Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee who noted that the Inception Report was approved by Cabinet.

He told reporters during a press conference on Friday (January 3) that from a methodological standpoint, questionnaires were sent to the various stakeholders and public consultations and interviews were conducted with civil society bodies to garner information to guide the Plan.

With the completion of the final document, Guyana will be able to enhance its local, regional and international strategies to combat drugs, according to Rohee.

“It must be mentioned that Annual Drug Reports are usually published by the Ministry of Home Affairs, which give a perspective of the efforts of the Ministry to combat the scourge of illegal drugs, with Local, Regional and International support,” the Minister added.

The 2012 Report has been completed and is expected to be circulated during the first Quarter of 2014. The first launch of the National Drug Strategy Master Plan (2005-2009) was on June 21, 2005 and expired in September 2010.

This plan was not fully implemented and the Government came under heavy criticism for that. Some persons had gone to the extreme to say that the plan had failed.



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