Mother who poisoned children was well brought up- Grandmother

Dead: 4 – year – old Odaceia Cadogan

By Leroy Smith

[] – Ursulla Rutherford, the grandmother of 21 – year – old Awena Rutherford said that her grandchild has shocked the entire family with her actions.

The mother, Awena Rutherford.
The mother, Awena Rutherford.

The woman is still unable to fully come to grips with the actions of the young mother and told iNews ( that the ordeal is still unbelievable for her.

“She made headlines for this family and she made with murder,” the pensioner proclaimed as she sat on her bed eating bread.

The mother allegedly gave her two children – One – year – old Jabarie Cadogan and four – year – old Odaceia Cadogan carbon tablets to eat, which eventually claimed their lives on Thursday, March 27.

Dead: four – year – old Odaceia Cadogan
Dead: four – year – old Odaceia Cadogan

Rutherford also ingested two of the tablets in an attempt to kill herself. The grandmother explained that as a child, the young mother grew up very mannerly.

She claimed that the young mother never had social problems and never appeared to be a violent person. According to the grandmother, the young woman lost her mother three years ago and her father also died sometime back.

“She is a healthy strapping big girl with no medical problems,” she declared.

Dead: One – year – old Jabarie Cadogan
Dead: One – year – old Jabarie Cadogan

As she sat in her Princess Street, Georgetown home, the woman recalled that she would usually pray for her entire family on a daily basis and for some reason special prayers were often said for the young mother.

At present the 21 – year – old mother is under police guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital while family members are making arrangements to have the two children buried.

She is expected to be charged with two counts of murder. 




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