Mother of shot teen disappointed with Police Commissioner’s response

Alex Griffith protest for justice. [iNews' Photo]


By Kurt Campbell

Alex Griffith protest for justice. [iNews' Photo]
Alex Griffith protest for justice. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The grieving mother of 15 – year – old Alex Griffith, Marcel Griffith has expressed shock and disappointment at the reception she received when she visited Commissioner of Police (ag) Seelall Persaud’s office today.

The woman and her son, who first picketed outside the Commissioner’s Office, left the picket line and went to see the Commissioner, when they were informed that he was busy and would need to make an appointment to see him.

The older Griffith feels that considering the nature of the matter, the Commissioner should have been more accommodating and extended more compassion.

The protest outside the Police Commissioner's Office. [iNews' Photo]
The protest outside the Police Commissioner’s Office. [iNews’ Photo]
She said her only intention was to find out from Seelall himself, the status of the investigations, while lamenting what she presumes to be a deliberate delay in charging the Officer accused of shooting her son.

“It makes me feel like everything is going down the drain, I like I’m not getting justice.”

The shot teen was allegedly dragged from his mother’s East La Penitence home on the night of April 30 and shot in the mouth by Cadet Franze Paul who claimed that the teen had witnessed the robbery of his female relative.

The family recently refused a $1M settlement offered to her by the Officer’s Lawyer.

“Money can’t buy my child; justice is what my child wants.”

Griffith says at no point will any form of compensation be accepted. She told reporters on Tuesday, May 5, moments after her son was discharged from hospital that she wants the Officer to be charged and prosecuted without favor.

The teen who recounted the ordeal to the media today said he is very fearful following the incident. The family said it is sad to know that despite providing all information to the police for a matter which happened a week ago, the accused officer is yet to be charged.



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