Mother of five reportedly killed by Supernatural Force

Marcelle Cummings' body in the drain. [iNews' Photo]


By Leroy Smith

Dead: Marcelle Cummings.
Dead: Marcelle Cummings.

[] – Forty – three – year old Marcelle Cummings, a mother of five of 183 Third Street, Craig East Bank Demerara was this morning (Sunday, May 18) found dead in a drain situated in front of a villager’s home at approximately 06.30 hours.

The occupants of the house told iNews ( that they went to bed before 21:00 hours and when they woke up and opened their front door, they were confronted with the body of the woman, who is known to almost all persons living in Craig.

Over at the woman’s home, her brother Ivor Cummings related that since last week Tuesday his sister appeared to be under some supernatural spell and began acting strangely.

He spoke of her praying loudly in the wee hours of the morning and chasing forces and other things out of her home and yard which were not visible to anyone else at the time.

Cummings told iNews that his sister even related to them that they needed to pray for her every five minutes and she began calling up relatives and church members rallying them to pray since according to her, she was engaged in spiritual warfare.

Marcelle Cummings' body in the drain. [iNews' Photo]
Marcelle Cummings’ body in the drain. [iNews’ Photo]
The woman’s brother even showed iNews books which his sister were secretly documenting her daily challenges and among the many sterling revelations in the book, was the description of exactly how she would die.

In her writings, which were compiled in two exercise books, the woman said that when she is ready to die all she has to do is lie down and open her arms over a drain.

Coincidentally, that is the exact position she was in, when her body was found. This morning, Cummings sneaked out of her room and into the yard unknowing to relatives. However, they did not suspect anything since she has been operating like that for the past few days.

Marcelle Cummings leaves to mourn to her five children and other siblings.



  1. Yes, it is a form of mental illness Ryan. What Marcel had must have been genetic as I recall over 25 years ago this affected one of her sisters. There is so many different form of mental illness. I have lived in 4 different countries and grieves my heart to see that black communities diagnose to be under some supernatural spell.when someone acting in an unusual way. In white communities the first port of call is medical attention, getting the necessary psychiatric care.


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