Mother of 3 shot after leaving City Bank

[File Photo]


By Leroy Smith

robbery[] – Savitri Harrichand, a mother of three, was this morning shot by an unsuspecting gunman immediately after she completed business at a city bank.

Speaking with iNews, the woman’s eldest son related that his mother operates a business in the interior and visited the bank today, where she withdrew some money.

iNews understands that the woman was in the process of purchasing a ‘stew pan’ on Robb Street, Georgetown when she was shot.

The gunman who had a car waiting on him, also made off with the woman’s mobile phone, iNews was told.

The injured woman is presently at the Georgetown Public Hospital where she is said to be out of danger.



  1. every single institutions in guyana are creeping with them private and government..working for banks dont pay much ..well the biggest ones are the police and army..those who join comes with a deadly motive..passport office same..airport name it the criminals and their favorite news media are do u think some news media get their info..some criminals sell the info on government to these media.

  2. I’ve noticed with great dismay someone making a large withdrawal at a certain city bank a few months ago and the bank clerk casually placing these large stacks of bills on the counter for all and sundry to see. Can’t these withdrawals be done in private? Who know a similar situation may have occurred that caused this woman to get shot. I hope these shameless scumbags are caught. Praying that this woman makes a full recovery.

  3. Another person of Indian descent shot and robbed.
    This time it is a woman.
    Shame on the dirt bag.
    The Banks must move towards electronic banking.
    When people can bank in safety everyone will win.


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