Boat sinks off the coast, crew members rescued


The Pomeroon river which has dangerous Piranhas.[] – An unidentified vessel heading in the direction of Georgetown collided with the Fishing Vessel ‘Lady Pinky’ off the coast of Guyana in the Pomeroon area on October 18.

According to the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD), ‘Lady Pink’ sank, but its crew members used their lifesaving equipment which kept them afloat until they were rescued in the evening by another fishing vessel.

In a media release, MARAD stated that the crew members were subsequently transferred to another vessel which brought them into Port Georgetown on Monday October 20.

The release added that the “Lady Pinky” was at anchor in this area when it was struck by another vessel.

MARAD officers are trying to locate the unidentified vessel and an investigation has been launched.




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