More police presence in Berbice; Army, Police personnel deployed


By Fareeza Haniff

[File Photo]
[File Photo]
[] – As a result of the increase in crime facing residents of Berbice, especially in the Corentyne area, Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan has revealed that Joint Special Operations Group, inclusive of Army and Police personnel, has been deployed in the region.

He also noted that members from the SWAT Team and the Special Crime Unit from the ‘A’ Division were also deployed as part of measures to arrest the crime situation.

“So we have three Bodies of about 12 or 15 men, that’s about 45 more men that have strengthen the Berbice and we’re also getting lots more senior Detective work there so it is not simply doing the patrols but doing the Detective work and that quality Detective work is paying off,” Ramjattan told a post cabinet media briefing on Friday, August 28.

He urged members of the Police Force to be professional and to invest in self training.

Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.
Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.

“I’m pleading with policemen…with the training we’re giving…they must also do a piece of inwards stretching so that they can outwardly reach. They have to do their own self learning.”

As a result of the crime situation, residents of #45 Village had staged a protest action, blocking roads and burning debris, calling on the APNU+AFC government to effectively tackle the issue.





  1. Amen-Ra many of those are from depressed communities like Linden where you came from and Buxton where I came from. They are now planted in the money area.

  2. Max seems to have a crush on me. How do you know God is “he’ ? see what an ass you truly making yourself? Stop while you are ahead.

  3. Good move by the Honorable Minister …
    Do hope the community. don’t complain when the pressure increase on the criminals…

    People like say the son was a good boy 😊…

    Like Jagdeo …he never thief .

  4. What is so unexplainable about these detractors and wet blankets is they are so quick to criticize when in their opinion nothing is being done or at best not being done fast enough. So why are you complaining yet again when an initiative is being put in place to stem this flood of crime. DO ANY OF YOU HAVE A BETTER SOLUTION. If not shut the f#+k up and let the government succeed at this or at least allow it to fail before you criticize.

  5. God will help Guyanese.he answered the prayers of the ppl,for 23 yrs only SATAN and his products plagued the nation,DRUGS,LAWLESSNESS,GREED,and CORUPTION, ,,LET’S SEE GUYANA GROWING AS 1PPL 1 NATION 1 DESTNEY GOD BLESS GUYANA

  6. To help curb crime more resource need to be put into the police force, more vehicles and patrol. A quarterly evaluation of officers, quarterly incentives for good performance ie number of arrest, respond time and professionalism. More hiring and strict rules. And most of all a high level of monitoring where ALL ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

  7. Have to get professional to train and develop special squad to deal with crime it will take time but will prevail hire some outside help

  8. Ramjatan the police are afraid to go and hunt down bandits, Whim police made it clear that in Lancaster there a lot of drug users and bandits there and they are not doing their jobs. A bandit robbed a shop owner and the the police you boost about did not look for the bandit even though the owner of the shop report it and give them his name. Until today no statements were taken from her and another customer who ran after him. You are paying these officers to protect the people of this country but they themselves are criminals. For them to do their jobs you have to give them a raise or buy food and drink for them. Shame at you, you are far worse than Rohee, you very limited reasoning skills.

  9. But Ramjattan the swat team is not another PPP/C white elephant?
    Were the GDF not deployed before to assist police in the Buxton operation?
    Did the US big man not say his country will help stem the crime wave in Guyana?

    God help Guyana and Guyanese.


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