Guyana available to render assistance to Dominica following Tropical Storm


By Jomo Paul

Dominica 3[] – Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has pledged Guyana’s support to CARICOM member state Dominica as the country grapples with the effects of Tropical Storm Erika which left the island in mass destruction.

Reports indicate that the storm killed at least 25 people due to flooding and landslides. Erika, which has been hitting the island of Dominica hard since Wednesday, has brought extreme rain, causing floods that have wiped out roads and villages.

Nagamootoo, in Guyana’s National Assembly on Friday, August 28, stated that Guyana stands ready to support its CARICOM sister.

“We avail ourselves as a government and people to render whatever assistance we could,” said Prime Minister Nagamootoo.

He added that Guyana knows all too well some of the damning effects of flooding and extensive rainfall.

“We can only understand that in the context of having experienced two recent episodes of flash floods…we reiterate our solidarity with the people of Dominica at this time of distress.”Dominica 4

People’s Progressive Party Parliamentarian, Clement Rohee also extended his Party’s solidarity with the government and people of Dominica, stating that Caribbean countries must take careful note of the effects of Climate Change.



  1. Don’t get me wrong… I wish will be able to even volunteer should they be ponded and need help, but what de raas can Moses and company contribute there ? You can’t even pump out water from flooding in Georgetown … take your resources and fix de blasted crime situation so I can voluntarily and freely be back into GT…. I sincerely hoped the strong arm PNC influence back in Government would have resolved this crime scourge already… after all the entire public service/military/police/unions (except GAWU) supports the PNC … I mek me Daddie / mumma /sissee / buddee vote fuh alyuh and de raas wus than under the PPP/C… and now Moses want extend help and he from a helpless shituation ?


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