Meadow Brook residents arrest armed bandit attempting to rob women  


rob 2[] – On Sunday October 11, a man armed with a handgun confronted two women at Waini Street, Meadow Brook, who were on their way to church, in an attempt to rob them.

The women put up a resistance during which they raised an alarm and residents came out and arrested the suspect after a chase.

He was handed over to the police along with the unlicensed .32 pistol with one round that was found in his possession.

Charges will be made shortly.




  1. Burnham does this asinine comment makes any sense to you or should I say it makes sense to only you. The persons freed by the President were individuals convicted for minor crimes who derseve a second chance. Nothing violent. On the other hand ramotar released a child murderer. Did you have a negative comment when he was asked why and did not have an answer. You are either absolutely stupid or racist.

  2. Guyanese live in freedom. Our beautiful country is a free country and we cherish all our freedoms and refuse to have any of them restricted, that’s why I became very concerned when I learned that the Minister of Home Affairs decided that he will restrict our party time to 2: 00 a.m. in what was part of his effort to fight crime. Here we are at the beginning of a new era when everyone is optimistic about our future and our willingness to undertake the responsibilities that come with that optimism is practically universal. Law-abiding citizens understand that a night on the town requires that they designate a sober driver or use a taxi. They want to enjoy the hospitality of their city, town, district, twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week without presenting a nuisance to their fellow citizens or breaching the law in any way. It is therefore the responsibility of law enforcement to provide safe and secure cities, towns, districts, around the clock so that those citizens who choose to be out and about can be out and about in the knowledge that the environment is safe and secure. The approach to restrict that freedom to 2: 00 a.m. is reactive and wrong. The Minister must take the proactive approach and deploy more patrols, plain clothes cops, check points and whatever other resources are at his disposal to deter, detect and prosecute all breaches in the law. Criminal activity is a fact of life in any society and it has to be dealt with in a proactive way. Criminals are opportunists and they will operate in whatever time frame they are given, so they too will be on the prowl before 2: 00 a.m. which means that the situation will not change. The strength and power of Law Enforcement, along with the Criminal Justice System, combine to act as a deterrent to crime in the first instance and can solve, resolve, prosecute and punish crime whenever the need arises. There is where the Minister must place his focus, and he should ensure that he works with the government as a whole fix our broken (Criminal) Justice System. Citizens no longer want to have the quality of their lives, or their freedoms for that matter, compromised or degraded because of mediocrity and/or the unwillingness to take firm, decisive and positive action on their behalf. They have grown tired of sloth and negative action. They are beginning to demand and expect action, drive and excellence.

  3. The bandit should be handed over the the ministry of education, and not the police.
    The PNC is bent in freeing all those bandits so why waste the police time!
    Let the police just give out passport, police clearance, vehicle fitness, and work as immigration officers.

  4. Meadow Brook residents arrest armed bandit attempting to rob women
    Citizens lives are at risk, citizens placing their lives at risk to confront armed bandit.
    Will be charged and placed before the court and possibly get community service sentence and be pardoned by our newly installed president.

  5. Great,,,stand up and be smart not stupid, don’t just let these criminals think its a freeloading, now that the citizens did well we will see the perp on the street next week, thanks to the new system in GT,,RECYCLING


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