Massive joint services operation launched to counter terrorism, crime

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By Jomo Paul

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

[] – The Guyana Government has launched a massive anti-crime and counter terrorism operation dubbed ‘Operation Dragnet’ aimed at making Guyana a safer place.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon on Thursday December 02, told reporters that the operation commenced since December 01, and would see extensive patrolling from the joint services – Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).

“Operation dragnet is a joint services operation in which the joint services will conduct intensified security operations in Guyana from December 1 2015 until June 2016,” Harmon told reporters at a post cabinet media briefing at the Ministry of the Presidency.

According to the Minister of State, besides the current crime situation, the Government was briefed on terrorist activities internationally over the last few months.

“We should not consider ourselves exempt from such threats,” said Harmon.

With Operation Dragnet, Harmon said that there will be an “enhanced national security environment.”

[File Photo]
[File Photo]
This will be accentuated by an increased presence of the joint services at Guyana’s borders, intensified scrutiny from Immigration Officers at the ports of entry and an increased presence of police presence on Guyana’s streets.

“The Commissioner of Police has given the assurance that all persons not engaged in core functions will be deployed to give an increased robust presence,” said Harmon.

It was noted that given the usual increase of business activities during the Christmas period, the Government felt the need to implement such a plan and give the private sector the assurance of security.

Referring to the terrorist aspect, Harmon pointed to the discussions of terrorism in Trinidad and Tobago. He said that terrorism knows no borders hence the government is being proactive in its response.

“We are not waiting for something to happen…We are putting in place arrangements which would make the citizenry secure,” said Harmon.



  1. i wonder how granger feels now , he went on a talking spree the other day about former president suggestion and now look , the army is involved.

  2. Wishful thinking Observer–where are the parents they are the ones responsible for that type of behavior ( monkey see monkey do).Most of these teenagers live in single family homes the daaaady missing,stop blaming society.

  3. Wait didn’t ex president Ramotar alluded to this a few weeks ago????Granger attempted to scoled Ramotar so what are they doing now. This Defacto Government don’t know if they are coming or going.

  4. Youth of Guyana need good education. Why you want them to hold gun and petrol when the police and army is capable of providing security. What is lacking is the proper utilization of the force and like any other country eliminate the criminals by encounter. Don’t bring them to court take them to morgue.

  5. It is good they are listening…. they got power through the back door by lies and deceit… rubber stamped by the almighty ABC with their continuous mis reading and lack of proper intelligence…. and now it is glaring Harmon and Co have a distorted capacity to govern.. what else can we expect ? So now the “Opposition” was cheated… they then give objective realistic ideas, Harmon and Co adopt these solutions…but instead of being side tracked with terrorism to mamagai the ABC fellas and gals they need to get the economy percolating fast… if not cat eat dem dinna….

  6. This is what the PPP/C was telling APNU/AFC all the time.The Ministers are thinking how to spend the over a million dollars a month Salary.

  7. Wait. Is who really running this country? Ramotar tell them use the army to fight crime and they are doing it. Jagdeo tell them not to take any prepayment from Exxon and they decided to heed his advice.

    Very suspicious.

  8. Good to see the forces finally being put to work for their pay. Hopefully you wouldn’t find them limeing or taking bribes instead of patrolling.

  9. Re-establish the National Service and give the Wayward Youths a hands-up to become Law-Abiding and productive citizens.


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