Opposition questions Gov’t appointment of 30 ‘ghost’ overseas reps

APNU+AFC members

By Fareeza Haniff

APNU+AFC members
APNU+AFC members

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has revealed that the APNU+AFC government has appointed thirty persons in the United States and Canada as “Honorary Titles,” who are responsible for promoting the government’s image in the Diaspora.

Harmon only made the revelation about these appointments when he was questioned by the media on Wednesday, December 02 at a post cabinet media briefing, after it was brought to the public’s attention by the Opposition People’s Progressive Party.

When asked to disclose the names of these persons, the Government Minister said he does not remember the names, pointing out that they are “persons who have distinguished themselves in the Diaspora in the US and Canada.”

He claimed that these 30 persons are not being paid for promoting Guyana.

Meanwhile, the appointments only came to light with PPP Parliamentarian and former Attorney General, Anil Nandall revealed during a press conference at Freedom House on December 02 that 27 persons in the US and four in Canada were appointed as “Presidential advisers” on Diaspora matters.

Nandlall cited the lack of transparency in appointing these persons and the fact that no public announcement was made by the Ministry of the Presidency.

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall
Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall

“We want to know who these people are, how they were selected, what their qualifications are, what are their sectoral responsibilities, what are their portfolios, what are their remuneration packages; offices are going to be rented for them, expenditures are going to be paid, light bill and phone bills are going to be paid, utilities expenses are going to be paid.

“We need to know these things. We are getting this information not through the public announcement but through other methods,” the former AG told the news conference.

Additionally, PPP Parliamentarian, Gail Teixeira made it clear that the President has the right to appoint as much advisers as he wants but it’s the secretive manner in which the appointments were made.



  1. I see no harm in revealing their names. As a member of the diaspora, I need to know who are the local “conduits” to the government of my homeland. I can only believe this is a good development unless the names continue to be withheld………….

  2. Anni, go rest yourself… I couldn’t care less about your rambling incoherent nonsense… And don’t bring race into everything – the evidence is there for all to see how teefing and corrupt your party is… Only difference is that most people who are independent thinkers will acknowledge the party they support have by and large been corrupt and let them down…. Unlike you and the rest of the party appologists

  3. Ms barabas you are so bias ,as a lawer defending a client he is fully aware have committed murder ,yet he have no choice because he is paid to do the job.you are an overflow of pure venom and guile .why do you pick on a little indian girl at every sight of her free opinion.A bully you are for life.I do inderstand its volentary work but what happen to the expenditure .

  4. ”Haul you ass” Emile. Every government institution or Board are ethnically imbalance in favour of one section of the population. No wonder the crime is out of control and finally Granger had to swallow his pride and accept the Ramoutar suggestion which he dismissed earlier. Guyana cannot progress and will never progress under this regime. With people like Harmon, Uncle Raphael, Felix, Basil Williams, they with others with political motives, have created, what can be described as the Guyana out of control Frankenstein Monsters roving the streets and villages with AK47 and automatic pistols in their waists, causing mayhem/panic in the country.These chaps need to call them in or decommission them before they turn against the very creators

  5. yes this is so true this govt don’t care about the people in Guyana all they want to fill their pockets and the ABC countries are in with the govt to screw the people of guyana

  6. You sound more of a racist than them. How about applaud the PPP for giving their raise to a charity that needs it. You too blasted bias. Is people like you divide Guyana under racial lines.

  7. The government should not response to this. These loyal overseas Guyanese are not being paid, they are considered volunteers. The opposition should commend this administration for doing this because this is what they did when they were in office.

  8. Storm in a tea cup! The appointment of unpaid representatives in the diaspora should be applauded. The PPP may be having a problem with the ethnic balance of the representatives, but that should be called out by civil society leaders, not the PPP, which is led by a clear cut racist.


  10. PEDRO, you mentioned that these persons are not paid by the government. So who is paying them? Are they working for FREE? From your pronouncement, it seems as if you were of the recruiters and have inside information about the secretive appointments. So much for the CHANGE they advocated during their electioneering period. Those who voted for change, you got change

  11. The Guyanese in Canada will NOT support this regime anymore….they were duped to believe that there will be positive changes…the collected millions here with seminars and used it as scam to kill the guyana economy and increase the crime. All the religious places here are already giving speeches about what is happening- Loans from across the world, kill the economy, spread crime – Lets now hope they will be able to remove what they install in the next election to come….so wasting tax payers dollars to promote the APNU will serve no function since the people will observe for themselves what is happening in Guyana!

  12. Yes these persons must promote Guyana’s image not APNU/AFC’s let them speak the truth and nothing but the truth.No whitewashing,let the world knows how Guyana will soon be the poorest Country in the Carribbean under the APNU/AFC Regime.Starvation will be rampant as Poverty increase .Where is Sharma and his Voice of the People.Sharma now turn a blind eye on the present’ situation

  13. These persons are not being paid by government, so your request for a detailed disclosure , cannot be entertained. I guess they would be similar to the hundreds of paid, activist, the PooPyParty had, while in government, and still have, probably now unpaid.The current government’s, unpaid friends and advisors, are many, from all over the Diaspora, and are loyal Guyanese, that is all need to know.


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