Manhunt still ongoing for prison escapee

Keron Cummings


Keron Cummings
Keron Cummings

[] –  Commander of ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken said that that all efforts are being made to locate the lone remaining prisoner, Keron Cummings who escaped from the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

The Commander explained that an investigation has already been launched into the incident and several factors are being looked at to verify what exactly may have contributed to the escapee of the prisoners.

He told iNews that most of the internal investigation will focus on the circumstances surrounding the incident and if the security posture at the court was relaxed in any way to facilitate the process.

One police source explained that at the time of the breakout, there might have been a distraction for the ranks, who were on duty but those will come out in the probe.

The investigation will also be looking to see if the standard operating procedures at the Court were compromised.

On Monday four prisoners escaped from the holding cell; one was immediately recaptured while another was shot dead by the police in B Division and another was found hiding under a bed in East La Penitence.



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