Labour Officials investigating Qualfon mishap


20130920qualfon-373x250[] – Labour Minister Dr. Nanda Gopual says his Ministry has launched an investigation into the conditions which resulted in at least 20 employees of the Plaisance Call Center – Qualfon Guyana Inc. – being hospitalized.

Yesterday (Tuesday, May 20) news surfaced that several employees were rushed to the Georgetown Public hospital after some collapsed and others fell unconscious.

When contacted by iNews, Senior Management could not confirm the number of staff directly and indirectly affected but explained that the employees’ unforeseen illness resulted from having to work without functioning air conditioning units.

According to Gopaul his Officers have taken note of such reports and a thorough investigation will be carried out. 

He expressed initial concerns at the alleged environment employees were made to work in.

According to reports, there was a power outage from the Guyana Power and Light, however the company’s generator that would usually function during this period failed to ‘kick in’ and the staff was therefore made to work in a heated and choked environment.

Meanwhile, some employees believe that because the Center was built on land where a burial ground previous existed, supernatural forces were at work. There were reports of severe vomiting among staff.

There are hundreds of workers who occupy the building throughout the day.   



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