Man stabs cop, kills self during arrest

Constable Antonio Dawson being rushed into the operating room at GPHC.

By Jomo Paul

Commander Hicken and the brother of the injured police rank. [iNews' Photo]
Commander Hicken and the brother of the injured police rank. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – An attempted arrest turned into a suicide/attempted murder after a man stabbed a police officer several times before killing himself at Gafoors Houston Complex, East Bank Demerara on Friday, September 19, 2015.

The stabbed officer, who is in a critical condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital, has been identified as Antonio Dawson, attached to the Impact Base. The identity of the dead man remains unknown.

Reports reaching iNews indicate that two police officers were at Gafoors on Friday morning when they noticed a man acting in a suspicious manner. Dawson attempted to search and arrest the man but his efforts were thwarted after the man whipped out a knife and attacked him.

Commander of the ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken told reporters that a scuffle ensued between the officer and the man who proceeded to stab the cop several times about this upper body.

Constable Antonio Dawson being rushed into the operating room at GPHC.
Constable Antonio Dawson being rushed into the operating room at GPHC.

According to the Commander, after stabbing the cop, the man proceeded to stab himself in the neck. iNews understands that before approaching the man, Dawson had given his gun to his colleague, since he anticipated a scuffle between him and the suspect.

“He didn’t want to confront him with a firearm,” said Hicken.

Dawson’s brother was at the GPHC and told reporters that his brother has two children. He said that he became aware of the incident after his father called to inform him.

Police have said that varying quantities of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy were found in the dead man’s pants pockets and the weapon  has been recovered as investigations continue.



  1. I’m in sympathy with the Policeman who was stabbed by the narcotic peddler and I pray that he has a speedy recovery without after effects from the injuries sustained. As “People Power” and “Dan” correctly wrote, the Police need to be better trained. The normal procedure is to have the suspect kneel, with knees and feet apart, on the ground and place his hands on his head. The search is carried out by one Policemen while the other one gives him armed coverage. If there’s resistance while the suspect is kneeling, force him to lie, facedown on the ground, spread-eagled. Most of our Policemen are young and many were not exposed to violent situations and therefore, it’s possible that they could have a mental block during the struggle. A great percentage of suspects today are prepared to kill or be killed. Remember, to catch a thief, think like a thief; to apprehend a suspect, armed or unarmed, think of the possibility of a violent reaction. My children, this fight is not just a physical one but also a psychological and spiritual one.

  2. I just the government taking note of this non sense goin on in Guyana..ppl losing there lives very stupid…im loss fa words in explaining this situation..he didn’t deserve to died so..criminals using there weapons but police gettin into trouble wen they use there that’s given to them for protection just imagine that….so disappointed in my country cause there r so many unanswered questions….but my God is real I trust him to have his way an help these ppl run this country properly

  3. I have to agree whit u training is the most important thing here because of the lack training of police can put the public at risk a police should never be in a situation like this wish the police s speedy recovery

  4. I agree wholeheartedly. If the police cannot shoot criminal scum then let Granger and Ramjattan demonstrate how to take them down when they are armed. I am sure that there are elegant and eloquent ways of doing this.

  5. This may very well be the result of his colleague shooting the gaot or sheep thief in the behind who according to reports attacked the officer. The results _ officer placed under close arrest. The officer killed may have been thinking about that and gave up his gun unfortunately it got him killed. The police needs the support of their superiors and clear directives as to the use of firearms.

  6. Police officers have to be properly trained. Officers cannot go into a knife fight with bare hands. The suspect would have been shot anywhere in North America if he whips out a knife at an officer…and rightly so. Officer safety is essential to public safety. If an officer cannot protect himself/herself, then he/she cannot protect the public.


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