Men found with 14 shotgun cartridges & hundreds of ammo

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[] – Two men were on Thursday, September 17 arrested at Black Water, Mahdia after they were found to be in possession of several high powered shotgun cartridges and hundreds of ammunition.

According to a police statement at approximately 17:00 hrs, police ranks conducted a search on two men at Black Water, Mahdia, when they discovered fourteen 12 gauge shotgun cartridges, seventy six .38 rounds, one hundred 9mm. rounds and one hundred and fifty .32 rounds.

The men are in police custody assisting with the investigations. The discovery was made at a time when the Guyana Police Force has an ongoing Gun and Ammunition Amnesty programme, which comes to an end this month.



  1. These ppp touts are displaying in public how much they hate PROGRESS, blog on boys,,,your sickness will not be cured simply because you all will be stuck in the opposition mode,,,ELECTIONDEFEATSYNDROME is worse than cancer,

  2. Men found with 14 shotguns & hundreds of ammo
    Ramjattan is a bad man now so mister bad man go get those weapons the GDF loaned to PNC.
    Then go sniff out those weapons what was so called stolen from GDF compound.
    Those are the heavy and deadly weapons that are out there for use at a time criminals choose.
    Deadly Criminals will never surrender their weapons. You Mr Bad Man must first admit that.
    These boys doing a great show for public consumption..
    Every day you will hear police doing good things police doing great things but the innocent citizens will always be at the mercy of criminals.
    No one will hear from these stage actors in court.

  3. Mr. Minister of Security, these guns and ammunition were going to be surrendered over to you, No need to worry your amnesty for guns is working very good….



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