Man shot in head during bitter feud with relative



By Leroy Smith

Crime scene[] – Up to late last evening [Monday, September 15], the doctors at the West Demerara Regional Hospital were battling to save the life of 31 year old Vickram Ramdhanny of Reliance after he was shot to the head, allegedly by his uncle following a dispute over a road in the Kamuni Backdam, West Bank Demerara.

iNews has been informed that the shooter [name withheld] is a license firearm holder, who has since gone into hiding. The father of the injured man told iNews that the alleged shooter is his brother, who turned up while he and his son were working of a stretch of road where the family has a logging concession.

The elder Ramdhanny said that when his brother [the shooter] arrived at the location, he had a gun in his hand and threatened to shoot him. The man said he ran away, forcing the alleged shooter to turn the gun on the younger Ramdhanny.

Seeranie Ramdhanny, the mother of the injured man told iNews that the suspect also has a logging concession but has failed to maintain the road leading to the concession.

According to the woman, the matter was reported to the Ministry of Natural Resources as well as the Guyana Forestry Commission.

Police investigations continue.



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