Prison officials mum on Mazaruni fatal stabbing



By Leroy Smith

Stabbing[] – It has been two days since prisoner, Theon Smith was stabbed to death at the Mazaruni Prison by another inmate and to date, there has been no official comment on the matter from the administration of the Guyana Prison Service.

When contacted for a comment last evening [Monday, September 15], Deputy Director of the prison, Kyle Graham refused to make any statement as he explained that he is bounded by the law not to speak to the media.

The stabbing is however engaging the attention of the Guyana Police Force even as both the police and the prison administration are trying to get to the bottom of how two prisoners ended up into a fatal brawl over an item which they should not have in their possession in the first place.

iNews was told by police sources that the fight between the two inmates stemmed from the disappearance of a mobile phone which Smith hid somewhere within the confines of the prisons and when he attempted to retrieve same, it was missing.

iNews understands that he accused fellow inmate, Akeem Edwards of removing the phone and the two got into an argument which resulted in Edwards threatening Smith.

At lunch on Sunday, September 14, Edwards allegedly armed himself with a knife [another prohibited item in prison] and charged towards Smith, inflicting several stab wounds. Smith was pronounced dead when he was rushed to the Bartica Hospital.



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